So the guy calls me up and says: “the court will not approve my decree, too many mistakes.” Hmmm. . . well, that should have been expected.  Divorce decrees and the docs that go with them are very technical documents. The language used is unreadable.  The document is “standardized” but it has been developed over the last 5 decades. It may be a state bar of Texas form, but it is a very difficult read. It has to be drafted exactly right.  “Too many mistakes.”

We will draft decrees for a fixed fee based upon information provided by you. We will not engage in an independent examination of the assets of the parties, or issue discovery, or value any property.  My staff will generate the documents necessary to close this file.  A final decree of divorce, a Texas blue (child support) form, and Texas Family Law Information statement. Then I will go down to the court house and prove up this case.  We will do this on a very inexpensive basis.

Oh, the guy who called me today – he’s been trying to get divorced for a year.  He had been using some online stuff.  Can’t get across the finish line.