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Agreed Divorces – A Happier Way to End a Marriage

  • Divorcing without the the conflict, anxiety, and turmoil of the contested case.  Just setting it aside. 
  • Saving money: We will prepare the pleadings, a waiver of service, the divorce decree, and any necessary closing documents. 
  • Online doc sites get it wrong all the time. This is not an online doc prep site – we are Dallas divorce attorneys who developed this site to help the people of Dallas and the North Texas Community  resolve their divorce case with as little court intervention as possible.  

The Uncontested Divorce  – ending the marriage without the conflict, without the anxiety, without the costs. 

Do you love your kids?

Would you do anything for them? Then know this, unless there is family violence, drug use and/or alcoholism both parties are going to get joint custody.  That is just the law. And the possession time for both parties – almost equal.

Do you have property?

Retirement. Savings. Investments. Just know – each party will receive approximately 50% of the marital estate.  The court will divide it almost equally.


• Absent extenuating circumstances, the court will divide the community estate 1/2 to each party – round figures.

• Absent extenuating circumstances, the court will order a Joint Managing Conservator relationship as to custody. Both parents will receive almost fifty percent of available time with the children – or so says the Texas Standard Visitation Order. Actually, it’s about 45/55 percent of the time.

• An agreed divorce will save the community estate (your savings, your salary) significant sums. Lincoln said, “the only thing a lawyer has to sell is his time.” There are attorney’s out there who enjoy no more satisfaction than a full scale war between spouses. Some are believed to promote it. Why? Attorney’s fees. Agreed divorces do not require the time element and costs that contested cases do, therefore, they lower your expense significantly.

• An agreed divorce minimizes family disruption and the emotional turmoil that goes with it. It is unfortunate, but those who battle over the kids usually end up doing the most harm to them. Kids are smart. They know you are fighting. They can “read” your feelings. They know how you feel about your spouse. Further, remember this, all kids will at some point place blame for the divorce on themselves. It is your job as a parent to make sure that this does not happen.


In any agreed divorce the following documents are required:

  • Original Petition for Divorce

  • Service of Citation or Waiver of Service

  • Final Decree of Divorce

  • State Information Statement (“the Austin Form”)

$350.00 If children, real property, investment funds and/or retirement accounts are involved then additional closing documents will be needed such as special warranty deeds, child support withholding order or a qualified domestic relations order.All divorces take a minimum of 60 days in the State of Texas.

They resolve conflict quickly and easily.  They remove the stress of litigation. They bring peace and resolution. They are divorces where the parties have resolved the property and child issues. There is no contest.  Court hearings are unnecessary – except for the ultimate “prove-up” of the decree.This Dallas Agreed Divorce site was developed by Earl Jackson to help the people of Dallas and North Texas get their agreed divorce done.  Too many times, I have watched couples who had prepared their own divorce get turned down because they didn’t do something right. Neither the Judge nor the clerks can tell you what you did wrong – they are not allowed to do so. They just basically say “I cannot approve the proposed decree.”

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